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Create your own events with the HNA Handicaps App

The HNA Handicaps & Tournament App provides any HNA-registered golfer with a convenient way to create and partake in events. When accessing the app's 'Events' section, you'll be able to:

  • Create public and private golf events
  • Take part in others’ events
  • Invite fellow players to join
  • View scores via a live leaderboard
  • Submit event scores for handicap purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an event?

2. What is the purpose of the ‘Events’ feature?

It’s a convenient tool for players to:

  • Promote tournament golf amongst friends and fellow golfers
  • Capture and share scores real-time, on their mobile devices, with fellow competitors
  • Submit hole-by-hole scores to the handicap server
  • Promote the concept of an electronic marker for each player’s score to raise the integrity of players’ score records

3. Can someone without a mobile device take part in an event?

Yes. In such a scenario, the player simply needs to be assigned a marker, who will be responsible for submitting their scores.

4. How does the ‘My Fourball’ section differ from ‘Events’?

The ‘My Fourball’ section allows event organisers to quickly create a tournament, using fewer steps, and just for a regular fourball. The ‘Events’ section gives them full access.

5. Which event formats are available?

  • Betterball
  • Individual/Single
  • Alliance

By default, prizes are awarded based on players’ gross medal scores, meaning, no adjustments are made to their scores. This is the format used in most professional tournaments. Alternatively, prizes can be awarded based on players’ net medal scores (handicap strokes are subtracted from gross scores), gross Stableford points (Stableford points are awarded based on gross scores), or net Stableford points (Stableford points are awarded based on net scores).

6. Can I change the format once the event has been created?

No, you’ll have to create a new event.

7. Is there a limit to how many players can take part in an event?

No. Any number of players can take part in an event. By default, the maximum number of players is set to 50, but this can be adjusted by the tournament organiser.

8. What is the difference between a ‘Public’ and a ‘Private’ event?


  • These events are open to all players who have access to the app
  • Any player can invite another to participate
  • Any player can join of their own volition


  • Players can only participate by invitation from the event organiser or when added to the player list by the event organiser

9. How do you add players to an event?



  • Instead of adding one profile at a time, search for and select all of the profiles in one go, then tap on ‘Add’.
  • Public events can be used to allow players to join an event, rather than needing to be invited or added. This is useful when running big tournaments, such as club competitions.

10. How do you know if you've been added to an event?

When an organiser adds you to an event (see question No. 10 above), the event name will appear in the ‘Current’ section of ‘My Events’ (as below). Next to it will be a blue dot. Event invites will appear in the ‘Event Invites’ section. These have to be accepted or declined. If accepted, the event will also appear under ‘My Events’.

11. When can you select the ‘Start Round’ button?

You can only select the ‘Start Round’ button on the day of the event. If you do so at any other time, you’ll receive an error message.

12. Who can view the live leaderboard?

The live leaderboard, which shows every competitor’s up-to-the-minute standing in the event, is only available to Premium subscribers. You can learn more about Premium here. Non-Premium players can nevertheless view their four-ball’s live scores when they navigate to the ‘Group View’ section of the scorecard.

13. Will scores submitted through the ‘Events’ and ‘My Fourball’ sections be recorded for handicap purposes?

Yes. They will appear in the Handicap Record Sheet and be considered in the next Handicap Index calculation.

14. How do you know when scores have been submitted successfully?

They will appear in the ‘Final Results’ section, as shown in image No. 3 below.

15. What happens in the event of a tie?

Ties are separated by the best performance over the final nine holes. If the best score for the last nine holes does not identify a winner, then the final six holes are used, and, if necessary, the final three holes. If the tie persists, then the final hole’s score is used.

16. Do rounds submitted through the ‘Events’ section count towards my Registered Rounds %?

No. Players have to open their rounds via the usual routes for them to count toward the Registered Rounds %. However, they can safely submit their scores via the ‘Events’ section, and these scores will be linked to the open rounds.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at editor@handicaps.co.za if you have any further questions.

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