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HNA Newsletter - May 2017

This month we take a look at penalty scores—how they are calculated, when they are issued and why they are an important part of the handicap calculation system.


HNA Newsletter - April 2017

This month we publish a recent press release from The R&A and The USGA on the development of a World Handicap System, together with some questions and answers relating to its formation.


HNA Newsletter - March 2017

This month we touch on what score you should enter if you blow out or do not complete a hole, and show you how to earn Discovery Vitality points each time you play.


HNA Newsletter - January 2017

This month we take a refresher look at how handicaps are calculated in the South African handicapping system and explain how our old terminals have found a new home in digital learning centres across the country.


HNA Newsletter - September 2016

This month we look at the allocation of handicap strokes on the course and how many people mistakenly think it should be done on the basis that the hardest hole should be stroke one and the easiest hole stroke 18.


HNA Newsletter - August 2016

This month we look at some interesting statistics from the handicap system and remind golfers that they can log onto their personal profile on the system at


HNA Newsletter - July 2016

This month we urge all golfers to switch to their new handicap cards before the old cards are deactivated. We also highlight Course Rating, and the steps being taken by the SAGA to assist the Provincial Unions to get all South African courses rated according to the USGA course rating system.


HNA Newsletter - March 2016

This month we look at the following changes to the South African Handicap system and manual decided upon by The South African Golf Association (SAGA) and Women’s Golf South Africa (WGSA) according to international trends.


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