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HNA Newsletter - November 2018

This month we remind golfers of the time period you are allowed to enter your score on the handicap system, and look at when placing should be allowed on the fairways.

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Late-score entry penalty scores

The GolfRSA Handicap System – and the World Handicap System when it is introduced into South Africa in 2020 – specifies that all valid scores, including No Returns, should be entered on the system as soon as possible after the round has been played. It is usually the good scores that we see golfers tend to delay entering.

While the system allows a period of 72 hours before allocating a penalty score, golfers should be aware that, as per the GolfRSA Handicap Rules, golfers are obliged to enter the score before the next round is played.

The 72-hour period is the time allowed before a penalty is applied, which is usually the lowest score in the player's last 20. Yet, as per the rules, it cannot be used to delay entering a score, and a player should not be allowed to enter a club competition if they have a score entry outstanding.

Clearly, if you go to a course to play again, then there is no excuse to not enter the score on the club terminal, the HNA phone app, or by the club administrator.

Placing on fairways

Placing on fairways is usually introduced by clubs or competition organisers when there has been a lot of rain and balls that land on the fairway get covered in mud. Players are then allowed to lift, clean and place their balls in the fairway.

In many other countries, scores made when placing on fairways is in use are not allowed for handicapping purposes. In South Africa, these scores are permitted, so there is a tendency for golfers to expect that every lie on the fairway should be perfect and therefore request the clubs to allow placing.

Yet you only have to watch golf on TV to see professional golfers having to play out of divots or other imperfections on the fairway. We need to change our expectations and accept that sometimes you will land in a divot or a bare patch. Obviously if there are very poor areas then the greenkeeper can mark these as GUR.

Placing not only gives golfers a better score, but it also slows down play. Please help us to fall in line with the rest of the world and only allow placing on fairways when there are mud issues affecting play.

Congrats to our Emirates Play with the Pros Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of the Emirates Play with the Pros competition. Pule Mashigo of State Mines and Vladimir Djurak of Emfuleni won a spot in the SA Open Pro-Am this week at Randpark GC. On top of that, the pair each received some amazing prizes from Srixon – including a brand-new, custom-fit Srixon Z785 driver.

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Quote of the month

"Golf tips are like aspirin. One may do you good, but if you swallow the whole bottle, you will be lucky to survive." ~ Harvey Penick

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