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HNA Newsletter - October 2018

This month we are happy to announce the launch of the updated Android version of the HNA Handicaps App, allowing users to easily look up Course Handicaps and enter scores.

We also take a look at foreign rounds and explain how players calculate their Playing Handicaps and enter foreign scores on the handicap system.

Download the updated Android version of the HNA Handicaps App now

Great news for Android mobile phone users: the updated version of the HNA Handicaps App has been launched and is available for download from the Google Play Store.

Featuring a far more user-friendly interface, with a simpler Course Handicap Calculator and the option to add and follow friends, the new version of the App is a huge improvement on the previous model.

The Course Handicap Calculator function allows users to select any player on the system and work out their Course Handicap for the course and tee they wish to play.

Playing and entering your foreign round scores

Most courses in most countries around the world have been rated for Slope and will indicate the Slope Rating on their scorecard – or it will be available on request.

In order to calculate your Playing Handicap when visiting a foreign course, you need to take your Handicap Index and multiply it by the Slope Rating divided by 113, and then adjust it for the CR to Par adjustment, if applicable in that country, together with any competition Handicap allowances.

When entering a score on the system you need to input your Adjusted Gross score and the Course Rating and Slope of the tee for it to be a valid score.

If no Slope is available, then a Slope of 124 can be used for courses in England and any other country with a published average. Failing this, no foreign score should be entered.

Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana ratings

Following a successful transition of the handicap system to the USGA Course Rating System, including Slope, the South African team of Implementation Specialists, led by Wimpie du Plessis, have set their sights on our neighbouring countries.

South African rating team members have recently rated the golf courses in Namibia using the USGA Course Rating System and they will be going live with Slope on 1 November.

The USGA and R&A have kindly covered the costs of some of the expenses and the team is planning on assisting Swaziland and then Botswana over the next few months.

Our thanks to all the dedicated and generous individuals who are giving up their time to assist these countries and their courses, because it would be challenging for them to go through the full process of training course raters.

Quote of the month

"In the end, it's still a game of golf. If you can't shake hands with your opponents and still be friends then you've missed the point." ~ Payne Stewart

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