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HNA Newsletter - August 2018

This month, further to the emails we have recently sent you regarding the changes to the GolfRSA Handicap System, we would like to share with you a summary of the GolfRSA Handicap Rules, which will come into effect on Monday 3 September 2018.

Please remember to help your fellow golfers to understand the changes as a result of the adoption of the USGA Course Rating system. Some of them may not have been receiving these communications from us or their clubs.

We are confident that, after a little time, you will come to appreciate that the USGA Course Rating System will give us all a more accurate and fair Course Handicap, as well as allow us to choose to play off any colour course (tee) for men, and those rated for women, at a club on any given day.

Download the GolfRSA Handicap Rules Summary

In this document, we have tried to provide you with a summary of the most important aspects of the Handicap Rules. Download the Handicap Rules Summary here.

The complete 2018 GolfRSA Handicap Rules Manual, effective 3 September 2018, can be viewed or downloaded from or websites, under the Course Ratings & Handicaps tab.

If any aspects are unclear after reviewing the summarised Handicap Rules and/or the complete GolfRSA Handicap Rules, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Download the new version of the HNA Handicaps Smart Phone App

Remember to update or download the new, free HNA Handicaps App for your smartphone, as this will allow you to easily and quickly obtain your Course Handicap.

From 3 September 2018, simply select your course and colour tee and the App will calculate your Course Handicap for you.

Look out for other exciting new functions that will be released on the App shortly.

Quote of the month

"Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.” ~ Dr Bob Rotella

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