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The small adjustment that could help Tiger Woods win another major

The 14-time major winner's swing is close to being his best ever, according to one Hall of fame instructor.

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Your Favorite Club Isn't Always The Right Club Around The Green

What's the best club for chipping around the green? It depends on the situation. Here are two shots you need.

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Sand Secrets From The Bunker Queen

Need some help on your bunker shots? Danielle Kang, one of the strongest bunker players on the LPGA Tour, shares her best tips.

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How To Cure The Shanks

If you have the shanks, don't worry: There is a cure. David Leadbetter has an easy fix for the shanks.

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How To Defuse A Blow-Up Hole

Many great players avoid blow-up holes by dealing with their negative experiences in a much healthier way.

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