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Flagstick Out!: The science behind why the flagstick should be pulled 99.9 percent of the time

Ph.D. Research: Putting with the flagstick in only works for putts that strike stick dead center at high velocity

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5 quick tips to conquering the downhill chip

Want to stop blading downhill chips? David Leadbetter shares tips on how to hit the ever-difficult downhill chip.

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5 Timeless Swing Fixes

These instant fixes have stood the test of time, from Claude Harmon teaching at Winged Foot in the 60s, to Butch and Claude III coaching top current tour pros.

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Undercover Tour Pro: What's a fair price for a player to pay a teacher?

There are some legendary stories of players not doing right by their instructors. But what is a reasonable rate for somebody you only see every now and then?

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Analyzing Tiger Woods’ driver downswing action

I examine Tiger’s downswing with its engagement in the kinetic chain, which includes the weight shift and the clearing of the hips, which is completely included in the way human machines perform their day-to-day survival tasks in this video. We are gravity geniuses and Tiger is the King of the golfing clan!

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