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HNA Newsletter—October 2023

This month, we introduce you to one of our mobile app’s most useful and yet frequently overlooked features. We also address the most common questions that we receive about the…
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HNA Newsletter—July 2023

This month, we look at the common situation where a player starts a hole but fails to complete it, and how they should record their score when this happens.
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HNA Newsletter—June 2023

We have noticed that there is significant discussion among golfers regarding stroke allocation at their respective clubs. Therefore, in this month’s newsletter, we will delve into the background of this issue, as…
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HNA Newsletter—April 2023

This month, we look at the soft and hard caps that are part of the World Handicap System. These are in place to safeguard handicap indexes from increasing too quickly.
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HNA Newsletter—March 2023

This month, we take a look into some interesting insights on driving distances based on your handicap index. We also share some exciting news from Golf RSA that gives you…
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HNA Newsletter—February 2023

We are once again at the point in the year when we look back over the past 12 months and share with you some interesting numbers and statistics about golf…
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