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HNA Newsletter – May 2022

This month we take a look at some common misconceptions related to the handicap system and how your Handicap Index is calculated, and reveal the truth behind these myths.
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HNA Newsletter – April 2022

When playing 9-hole rounds of golf, obtaining and allocating strokes for your round is a little different to 18-hole rounds. This month we recap your 9-hole Course Handicap and run…
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HNA Newsletter – March 2022

Over the course of 2021, we saw healthy growth in the number of affiliated golfers, with a 4,3% increase in golfers on our system. We also saw a 1,9% increase…
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HNA Newsletter – December 2021

As we reach the end of what has been another challenging year, we would like to wish all golfers a safe and healthy Festive Season. This month, which is traditionally…
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HNA Newsletter – September 2021

This month we provide a snapshot of the rollout of the World Handicap System across the globe, revealing that most countries (including all major golf-playing countries) are now using the…
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HNA Newsletter – August 2021

This month we explain the role of Soft and Hard Caps in the World Handicap System and how they help to reduce large and rapid increases in players' Handicap Indexes.
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