Virtual Architects

Svao you are wondering, what is Virtual Architects? Some say we are a digital agency that offers a range of services from website, application, mobile and platform development as well as a full range of e-marketing services specializing in social media & digital strategy. But in fact, VA as we like to call it is so much more than that…

We eat, sleep and live digital. We are problem solvers, solution makers and innovators. We love the fact that we don't meet expectations, we exceed them! We believe that high quality digital work should be constantly evolving and make use of the latest online technologies. Life on the Internet is rapid and you want someone you can trust to keep your online presence up to speed.

Our specialized team has over 30 years combined digital experience. With a range of skills and backgrounds as well as a great collection of degrees and qualifications to back it all up, we are fully equipped to achieve our mission of ‘Building Your World Online’.

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