Ernie Els isn't just a major winner. He's also a club designer

By Mike Stachura Some were surprised when Ernie Els signed an endorsement contract with Adams Golf in January, but the real surprise might be that Els helped design the iron he has played since......

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Ankle injury 48 hours before match is a good thing for Stacy Lewis

By Keely LevinsHere’s all you need to know about the kind of year the LPGA Tour is having in 2014. The No. 1 player in the world suffers an ankle injury days before the tour's......

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You dog: When a fan threw a hot dog at Tiger

You dog: When a fan threw a hot dog at TigerYou dog: When a fan threw a hot dog at Tiger

It's National Hot Dog Day (Wednesday, July 23), which means it's a perfect day to reflect on all the priceless moments hot dogs have brought to our lives.

Remember the countless dogs you've grabbed at the turn? Or how about all those cookouts that just wouldn't be the same without the weenie in a bun?

And of course, who could forget the time when a...

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Clark: Give Nike Golf credit where credit is due

Remember all the criticism hurled at Rory McIlroy when he decided to switch to Nike Golf equipment? It’s quieter now, isn’t it?

The meteoric rise of Nike Golf has been nothing short of amazing considering that not very long ago, Nike Golf was the new kid on the block in the golf club business; a young company in a very old,...

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Mahan recalls 'incredible' baby-related WD in Canada

Mahan recalls 'incredible' baby-related WD in CanadaMahan recalls 'incredible' baby-related WD in Canada

Hunter Mahan has karma on his side this week at the Canadian Open. 

It was at this event last year that the 36-hole leader withdrew before the start of the third round because his wife, Kandi, had gone into labor back home in Dallas. What followed was a dizzying 15-hour journey that culminated in Mahan being by his wife’s side for the birth of the c...

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