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HNA Newsletter - August 2015

This month we share with you some statistics from the handicap system whilst we also deal with one of the most common queries pertaining to the use of forward tees by junior and senior golfers in club competitions.

Total Number of Golfers with a Handicap

Although the below graphic shows a reduction in the number of handicapped golfers, it is important to note (as illustrated at the base of the subsequent graph) that this reduction has come from the group of “inactive” golfers or more precisely, from those golfers who have previously been listed as a Handicap of “N/A”.

Rounds Entered on the System

The number of scores entered on the system have remained much the same as in the previous year.

Playing Statistics

The slides below illustrate how fair the system is to all players across handicap groups. As golfers play more frequently in summer and thus improve, statistics show that they play to their handicaps more often and also score exceptional rounds at a slightly higher percentage. The higher handicaps also score exceptional rounds at a slightly higher percentage due to the number of shots they have and therefore it's statistically easier for them to score 3 or more shots below their handicap.

Average Handicap

Handicap Queries

Below, we have listed one of the main queries we get on the handicap system which relates to adjusting handicaps when competing off differently rated tees.

The use of forward tees in club competitions and the change in the player’s handicap on the day.
Where a club has a set of officially rated Forward Tees, clubs are encouraged to allow senior and junior players to compete off the Forward Tees in club competitions by adjusting their handicaps downwards by the difference in Standard Rating of the Forward Tee and the Standard Rating of the tee from which the club competition is taking place.

I always play off the forward tee and so I am handicapped accordingly. Why then must I reduce my handicap when playing against a player off another tee?
A player's handicap differential is calculated from his gross score minus the standard rating of the tee and not par of the course. So it does not matter which tee or course he regularly plays from, the handicap system adjusts his differential to the tee rating and not par. When competing the score calculation is to par and so handicaps must be adjusted by the difference in the tee rating.

Comparison of a 20 handicap player, playing to his handicap off the Forward and Club Tee Calculation.
• Forward Tee Standard Rating 67 (Par 72)
• Player with a handicap of 20 plays to his handicap
• Gross Score 87 – SR 67 = 20 Handicap Differential
• Stableford points Gross Score 87 Par 72 = 41 Stableford Points

• Club Tee Standard Rating 72 (Par 72)
• Player with a handicap of 20 plays to his handicap
• Gross Score 92 – SR 72 = 20 Handicap Differential
• Stableford points Gross Score 92 Par 72 = 36 Stableford Points

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