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HNA Newsletter - September 2017

In this month's newsletter we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the newly-launched Registered Round Percentage. For a primer on the percentage, please see August's newsletter.


I didn’t even know about Registered Rounds and now my low score makes me look bad. Will people think I’m a cheat?

Since we launched all Registered Rounds Percentage at 100%, the chances are that most scores are still very high. Some might even remain at 100%. However, there could be some golfers who missed the communication and have seen their percentage drop significantly.

This does not in any way imply that you are a cheat, but it is advisable to get into the habit of making sure your club registers your round by opening it on the handicap system in order to avoid your percentage slipping further.

How do I get my Registered Rounds Percentage back up?

It’s simple – make sure you head to the pro shop and ask them to register (open) your round on the system each and every time you play. In no time you will knock out those unregistered rounds and get your percentage back up again.

My club is unable to open a round before I tee off, what do I do?

All clubs in South Africa have the ability to open a round, either via their Handicaps Terminal’s Open Round button (if enabled), via their club’s system or through the club’s administration website.

Clubs can also make use of our free Open Round Registration Software, which can be loaded onto any PC, and should be placed close to the Players' Registration office. All this requires is an Internet connection and card reader.

Does my Registered Rounds Percentage affect my handicap?

Not at all – the figure is only there to show how often you have gone through the right channels when you have played, by having the club open your round.

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