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HNA Newsletter - August 2017

 This month we introduce the Registered Rounds Percentage score and explain how this minor addition to the handicap system will help verify the integrity of your handicap.


HNA Newsletter - June 2017

This month we take a closer look at the often-misunderstood subject of Front/Forward Tees, which we encourage all golfers to play from them when wishing to have a quicker round.


HNA Newsletter - May 2017

This month we take a look at penalty scores—how they are calculated, when they are issued and why they are an important part of the handicap calculation system.


HNA Newsletter - April 2017

This month we publish a recent press release from The R&A and The USGA on the development of a World Handicap System, together with some questions and answers relating to its formation.


HNA Newsletter - March 2017

This month we touch on what score you should enter if you blow out or do not complete a hole, and show you how to earn Discovery Vitality points each time you play.


HNA Newsletter - January 2017

This month we take a refresher look at how handicaps are calculated in the South African handicapping system and explain how our old terminals have found a new home in digital learning centres across the country.


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