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Ball Lifted and Dropped Away from Boundary Stake

A player's swing is interfered with by a stake defining out of bounds. The player mistakenly considers the stake an obstruction and he lifts his ball and drops it in the manner prescribed in Rule 24-2b. What is the ruling?

The player incurs a penalty of one stroke under Rule 18-2a and he must replace his ball before playing his next stroke. Otherwise, he loses the hole in match play or he incurs a total penalty of two strokes in stroke play - see penalty statement under Rule 18.

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  • Guest - Editor

    Hi Afzul, out of bounds stakes aren't considered obstructions, and thus cannot be moved legally. A player would incur a two-shot penalty in stroke play if they were to remove it.

  • Guest - Afzul Bava

    What if the person removes the stake plays his shot and replaces the stake. Is that allowed. Thanks

  • Guest - Danie

    The player can always declare his ball unplayable an procede accordingly

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