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Sponsored: Are you getting better with age?

Believe it or not, there are many things that get better in life as you age, including your golf game. Just ask Bernhard Langer.

The 61-year-old German golfer won his first pro title in 1980 and is still earning major championship victories on the Champions Tour. In fact, Langer has been the PGA Tour Champions’ player of the year for the last five years straight.

The point is, there are many positives that come with ‘maturity’. When it comes to your golf game, research shows that you’ll be hitting more fairways as there is a clear link between age and accuracy off the tee, your skills improve thanks to practice and experience and probably the best benefit of all, you can look forward to more golf games in your leisure time.

And at a time of your life when you’re looking for simplicity and more benefits, your insurance cover should do the same. When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets – including those hard-earned custom-made golf clubs – you can look forward to an ‘excess-free’ insurance policy brought to you by Aon, from age 55.

An excess is an uninsured portion of the claim for which you are responsible. However, from the age 55 you will not be subject to an excess means you won’t have the hassle of this upfront cost should you ever need to claim due to an insured loss.

With Personal Insurance Solutions designed by Aon you can automatically include ‘All Risks’ cover under your Household Contents insurance for those items you take away from home on a regular basis, like your golf clubs.

Typically, on most household contents policies, items like laptops, sports gear, cell phones, luggage – cease to be covered under your household contents cover as soon as they leave your home, unless they are specified under the ‘All Risks’ section of your policy.

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Our By Preference solution includes worldwide Assets All Risks Cover – up to 30% of your household contents insured value anywhere in the world. No need to specify your items such as golf clubs, golf bags, sunglasses, cell phone, personal laptops, electronic diaries or tablets, etc.

Aon’s expert insurance broking provides peace of mind that comes with having an expert by your side, who not only ensures that you are correctly covered from the outset for your unique needs, but also ensures prompt and fair claims settlement so you can get back into the swing of things without delay.

Aon is a proud partner of HNA. Click here to contact an Aon expert now.

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