Failure is crucial: Make your practice sessions more difficult

I recently attended the PGA Teaching and Coaching summit, a biennial gathering of the leaders in our industry. I enjoy interacting with...

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How He Hit That: Bill Haas' awkward lie escape

Sometimes winning isn't pretty, and Bill Haas proved that at the Humana Challenge--even as he was signing for an aggregate score of 22-under. Haas hit his tee shot on the final hole right, and his ball......

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Pros v. Amateurs: Shots from 100 yards and 150 yards

I read a great article on a golf blog recently about what distance people think they hit their drivers versus how far...

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Why you’re hitting fat shots and how to fix them

Hitting the ball fat is one of the most costly shots in golf. It’s embarrassing, the ball goes almost nowhere, and sometimes...

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“The bottom of the swing arc is the only part that matters”

3D Club Analysis

One of the most discussed topics when it comes to the golf swing is swing plane. It’s is also one of the least understood concepts in that it covers a much broader area than is generally considered.

The golf club is built on an angle for a reason. Simply stated, the ball is on the ground and it is also aside the player. Therefore, the idea of...

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