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3 Reasons Why You Hit the Dreaded Slice

In this week’s show, I talk about the three main reasons why golfers slice the ball, and offer tips and advice to correct it. Learn and enjoy from this easy-to-watch video.

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3 Simple Steps to Bombing Your Driver Long

In this fun video, I join forces with Peter Finch, as well as fellow GolfWRX Featured Writers Piers and Andy from Me and My Golf for this video on improving your driver distance.  

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The swing change that led to Aaron Baddeley’s 1st win in 4 years

When you look at the stats, the difference between the game’s top players can sometimes be difficult to sort out. The fractional differences in each skill between players can add up to a great performance or a missed cut. As an instructor, it can be difficult to decide what to work on when the statistics

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Different Ways to Improve Face-to-Path Control

In this week’s Golf Swing Weekly Fix, Mark Crossfield and Matthew Lockey talk about face-to-path control and how golfers can improve their golf games with a better understanding of some simple ideas.

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