9 Secrets Of The Masters

It's the most well-known golf tournament on the planet, but you probably don't know everything about it......

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How much do mishits matter in putting?

Whenever you impact a putt, the ball is programmed with all its directional data. It is at that point that a golfer’s consistency is either compromised or enhanced by the actions of impact alignments.

Impact alignments will either make or break a good putter. In this article, I will assume you have perfect alignments (as shown below), which...

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The Six Biggest Myths in Golf Fitness

As a golf fitness professional, I spend most of my waking hours writing programs and protocols to help golfers perform better. The moment when a golfer starts to move and feel better, swing better, or post lower scores as a result of one of my programs is my greatest motivation. However, when I step out of my bubble of dedicated clients, the...

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Getting off the back foot

Do these swing tips “Get on your left side,”“Get through the ball,” and “Finish” sound familiar? They should, because they are some of the most familiar admonitions in the game and for good reason. There is no question that all great players move their weight through the shot. And to hit the golf ball...

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Three different ways to set up to the golf ball

Stickney Three Ways

Over the course of time there have been several different setup positions that people have used to play successful golf. The most frequently taught setup position, which I call the Right Tilt, has golfers leaning away from the target at address, but new trends have emerged. It’s not not uncommon to see golfers today that lean toward the...

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