How The Body Affects The Golf Swing: It’s all in the hips

When was the last time you thought about your hip tilt? Never? That’s what I thought, but as we learn more about...

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Three steps to better golf with no practice

Let’s talk about three simple things you can do to help get the season started on the right foot. Play to the...

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How to stop topping shots

True story: A teaching pro was trying to get one of his students to stop hitting shots where the club made contact with the top half of the ball. This golfer either topped or chunked......

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Fitness: 5 Steps To Perfect Setup Posture

In previous articles on GolfWRX, I have talked at length about the importance of great posture at setup in the golf swing....

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How to hit shots from uneven lies

If you’ve ever been to the Augusta National Golf Club, you can appreciate the severity of the hills players have to deal...

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