#HelpMeGolfDigest: Dr. Michael Lardon changes how you think about your game

When Phil Mickelson was looking for a way to get over his crushing loss at the 2013 U.S. Open, he went to mental performance coach Dr. Michael Lardon for help. A month later, Mickelson went......

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Video analysis: Rickie’s revamped swing

Although he finished the season without a victory, Rickie Fowler proved to be one of the most consistent performers on the PGA Tour in 2014. He finished ninth in the FedEx Cup standings, second in the Team USA Ryder Cup standings and finished no worse than T5 in any of the four major championships — his work with Butch Harmon, which began...

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Find the bottom of your swing arc by learning to read your divots

Golfers can learn so much about their swings and how to improve from looking at their divots.

If we look at the depth of a divot, it tells us a story about the angle of attack at impact and how steeply we are swinging down into the ball. A shallow divot shows us a shallower angle of attack, while a deeper divot shows the opposite.

Longer irons,...

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