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7 ways to improve your focus on the golf course

Focus is a big buzzword today… in everything. Because of the infinite number of distractions around us, including advancements in technology, our attention spans seem to be shrinking to the point where it is difficult for people to keep their minds on a task for more than a few seconds. I really became interested in

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Don’t be so critical! Research shows it pays to be positive

A lot of golfers spend their time focused on what’s wrong. My club should be over here, my head should have stayed just a little stiller, my back swing is a little too steep. The list goes on and on. Honestly, it’s really easy to do. In golf, the default status is to focus on what’s

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7 techniques to improve your putting alignment

Aiming a golf club to your target, in this case the putter, is like shooting a gun while looking at the barrel from the side. It would be so much easier if we could putt side-saddle like Sam Snead did. The rules of golf prohibit such action, however, so we’re left to find effective ways to

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Why Jordan Spieth And I Look At The Hole On Putts

Before stars like Spieth and Louis Oosthuizen became known for it, looking at the hole was associated mainly with yippers—for whom it can be highly effective.

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Use the bounce for chipping, too

Golfers hear a lot about using the bounce when pitching the golf ball. It makes sense, because bounce plays an important role in pitching. Bounce is the amount of “cushion” between the leading edge of the club and the ground, and it helps golfers avoid to inconsistencies that can result from having the leading edge “stick”

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