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The Easy Fix To Get Your Driver Back In The Fairway

Before you freak out and start hitting 7-iron off every tee, try this fix.

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Your Short Game Practice Sessions Need An Upgrade

We asked three of our Best Young Teachers what their favorite short game drills are

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Is it OK to sway in your backswing?

In this week’s Impact Show, we discuss whether swaying in your backswing is a OK or not. We use BodiTrak to show the weight shift in the golf swing, and demonstrate how a coin can help you achieve better footwork to improve your ball striking. 

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Dustin Johnson: The Flop Shot

You can't just roll out of a golf cart and hit a flop shot. This high-lofted pitch—where the ball goes straight up, hangs in the air and lands dead—requires a decent amount of practice and a whole lot of confidence. It's one of the game's ultimate risk-reward plays.

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