The two types of golf lessons: Construction and Correction

Essentially, there are two kinds of golf lessons. One I’ll call construction, the other correction. In a construction lesson, which I almost...

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How I hit drives 56 yards farther with one adjustment

Did you know that the average golfer is losing a ton of distance, simply by not optimizing ball launch physics? Most golfers...

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How He Hit That: Matt Every's efficient backswing

Matt Every won his first PGA Tour event last year at Bay Hill, but he didn't coast on it. Every went right to work on improving his swing with Sean Foley -- who had more......

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5 simple drills for common golf swing flaws

I believe that teachers learn more from students than students learn from teachers, since they have a different perspective on how everything feels...

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The Lower Body: Focus on three areas for a better backswing

Your lower body action is important for many reasons within the golf swing. It can influence things like power, attack angle, balance...

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