How does Rory hit it so far?

The U.S. Ryder Cup team will have to deal with Rory McIlroy’s long drives all weekend long, whether it’s in a team format or singles play. Although length off the tee won’t be the deciding factor at Gleneagles in Scotland this year, it will allow McIlroy — the world’s No. 1 player according to the Official World Golf...

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Yes, Rory McIlroy might be using a new driver at the Ryder Cup

Could Rory McIlroy be putting a new driver in play this week at the Ryder Cup? The door appears open to that possibility after four new Nike drivers -- the Vapor Pro and three......

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FedEx Cup Playoffs points system still not right?

If we are measuring the FedEx Cup’s major points system overhaul in 2009 by its stated goal—to infuse more drama into the Playoffs finale—the sea change has been a resounding success.

Following a Vijay Singh performance in 2008 that left the Fijian basically a lock to win the Cup with two events to play, the PGA Tour tweaked its points system to...

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Barney Adams: Bifurcation of USGA rules for golf balls

Let’s start with a major topic of discussion — the golf ball. Many respected names in the world of golf have made it clear that they feel the current ball goes too far and needs to be re-engineered to carry shorter and ostensibly spin more.

Nowhere is this more of a concern than the USGA, an enormously successful 501-c-3 organization with...

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