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Golf Instruction (2617)

How to hit a high & soft bunker shot like LPGA Tour winner Jenny Shin

To hit a high and soft bunker shot, you need to hit the sand first -- but the key is to not take too much sand.

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How did Rory McIlroy spend his break? By watching video of Rory McIlroy

"It made me realize I can do this again. It was good to see all that video."

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Stop making excuses: 5 cost-efficient ways to start golfing (and improve)

“I want to start playing golf, but it’s too expensive.” “I never get any better at golf, and it’s too expensive to improve.” “I can’t afford new clubs or a golf membership, so I can’t possibly get better.” Please stop saying these things, because for 99 percent of people, they’re simply not true. The vast […]

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