Modern Golf: The Golf Equipment Promised Land

Golfers have been told about (and ignored) the benefits of custom fitting for years, but just as the practice started to gain traction with average golfers a decade ago, new barricades popped up. The Internet simplified the club-purchasing process and golf equipment companies began developing apps to help golfers determine the best clubs for them.


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Like soft balls? Callaway launches Chrome Soft

The “have your cake and eat it too” of golf balls? It just might be Callaway’s new Chrome Soft, a golf ball that’s promising tour-level distance and short game control that’s not typical of its marshmallowy soft feel.

In general, softer golf balls tend not to go as far as harder golf balls. Think of it this way: when a grape hits a supermarket...

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Can Spieth follow in Rory’s footsteps?

It’s that time of year again—a strange period where Tiger Woods’ unofficial 18-man event carries nearly as much clout in the World Golf Rankings as his own actual PGA Tour tournament in July.

So thank goodness Jordan Spieth decided to set the world ablaze.

The 21-year-old, the butt of thousands of drinking age jokes (seriously it got really...

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Rory wipes iPhones, creates more legal questions

Rory’s plan to return to golf at the Master’s with a clear mind is very unlikely.

His legal battle against his former management company Horizon Sports Management is going to take a while with yet another setback in the discovery process. According to an IrishTimes report, Horizon’s attorneys are alleging that Rory McIlroy and his father Gerry v...

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